Top tips to declutter & organise your kitchen appliances

Always start by thoroughly decluttering

Before you start trying to organise anything in your kitchen, thoroughly declutter it. The more you own, you more you have to manage. You should be able to move around your kitchen with ease, accessing appliances and putting them away with ease also.


When decluttering, it is easier to focus on what you want to keep, rather than focussing on deciding on what to let go. Be realistic about how much you can keep with the space you have.


Questions to ask yourself to help you decide what to keep and what to let go

  • Do I use this?
  • Do I love this? 
  • Do I REALLY need this? 
  • Is this damaged?
  • Do I have the space to keep/store this?
  • Is this a duplicate?

We can mistakenly fall into keeping some kitchen appliances ‘in the hope to use it someday’, but that day never seems to materialise. Be honest with yourself. Are you really going to make bread with that bread maker? If that ice-cream maker has only been used once since you bought it 5 years ago, is it worth taking up precious space in your kitchen? Waffle makers, popcorn makers, donut makers are all one product maker appliances, but in many houses are RARELY used, if ever at all. Really think about the benefits of keeping them versus the space you are losing by storing them. 


The appliances worth taking up more space in your kitchen are appliances you actually use, but also ones that perform a multi purpose. 


Kitchen gadgets that can also take up space, when in reality you never use them, or you could perform it’s purpose with a standard kitchen item. E.g. A pineapple corer, apple corer, avocado slicer, tomato slicer, do you really need them or can their function be done quite sufficiently with a suitable knife? Going back to basics can strip away the unnecessary modern gadgets created to fix a ‘problem’ that isn’t really a problem.


Organising your kitchen appliances


After you have thoroughly decluttered, you can organise what you want to keep. We have some top tips to consider to help you organise your kitchen appliances.

  • Only have appliances you use daily on your countertops, and don’t overcrowd
  • All appliances should be visible upon opening your cupboards, so keep large items stored at the back.
  • Keep parts for appliances together with the main part of the appliance. If necessary store them in a sealed plastic container to keep them neat, tidy and together beside the appliance.
  • Keep appliances closest to where you actually use them as much as possible. Make life easy for yourself, and maintain the flow of the kitchen according to how you live and move around the kitchen.
  • Store like for like items together e.g. if you regularly make smoothies and juices – store these appliances together and readily accessible
  • For health and safety reasons it can be safer to store heavy items low or at a comfortable height suitable for ease of lifting.
  • Most manuals are available online now, for any that are not scan and save pages you need electronically and get rid of unnecessary paper clutter

A uncluttered and well organised kitchen can make such a difference to your home.


To get your kitchen in tip top shape, decluttered, organised and working efficiently - get in touch today and we can work with you to achieve the kitchen bliss you desire.




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