Declutterbird® Decluttering Styles

Find out which Declutterbird® you are by taking our quiz today! 

In 2023 I completely rebranded and changed the business name from Tidying Time to Declutterbird®. A lot of people asked me why I did this, and there were a few reasons. I felt Tidying Time didn’t clearly state exactly what I offered – I could have been a house keeper or a cleaner, which are very different services. It was also important to me to trademark my business name and therefore I wanted it to be unique, and not so generic. I also have a strong opinion that we all have different decluttering styles, we are different and we need to embrace that, and so Declutterbird® was created, and 6 Declutterbirds were born!


You can find out which Declutterbird® you are by taking our quiz today! 

What is your decluttering style? (


Once we understand our decluttering style, we can also understand our strengths and challenges – allowing us to use our strengths to work around or overcome our challenges. 

Meet the Birds


The Puffin

The Puffin is the ultimate eco declutterer, the reuser, recycler, repurposer and no landfiller. However, may struggle to let go due to seeing purpose or reuse in everything.

Declutterbird Puffin Image

The Flamingo

The Flamingo is the sentimental story teller. Loves to talk about each item and have the story behind their belongings heard. Having a strong emotional attachment to items, it can struggle letting go. 

Declutterbird Flamingo Image

The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is a fast declutterer when it has a deadline, but can tend to be a bit frantic in approach. Has the skill to remain on task when hyper focused for quite a long time, but can forget the bigger picture, and may struggle to get back on track if distracted.

Declutterbird Hummingbird Image

The Kingfisher

The Kingfisher is a small stepper, being a very cautious and unsure declutterer. Finds it all daunting and gets overwhelmed easily, not sure what to do or how to start. However, can thrive when receiving guidance, support and working at their own pace.

Declutterbird Kingfisher Image

The Peacock

The Peacock loves to have everything perfect! This is great if everything goes to plan and satisfaction is present. However can be held back by their quest for perfectionism, and can be prone to procrastination. 

Declutterbird Peacock Image

The Toucan

The Toucan is a planner - Plans well, makes quick well thought out decisions, gets unwanted items out of the house promptly, and thoroughly enjoys the process, executing it like a decluttering pro!

Declutterbird Toucan Image

No bird is better than the other, we are all wonderfully different. You might be asking how can we ALL fit into 6 styles. Surely we can be more than one style? 


Absolutely! You could be a combination. It would be impossible to categorise everyone into 6 birds. Declutterbirds were created to get you thinking about your decluttering style - this could vary depending on what room you are working on, what items you are working on and even what mood you are in. It's a helpful way to get you thinking about your decluttering strengths and challenges.



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