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I am looking for a declutter service near me. Which areas do you cover for in person sessions?

We provide a 1 to 1 in person professional decluttering and organising service across all Northern Ireland. 


How much does your in person service cost?

Reclaim your space with Declutterbird's professional in-person service! We'll bring our decluttering expertise right to your doorstep. For just £30 per hour with a 3-hour minimum booking, we will guide you through every step of the process. Our rate covers all travel within a 30-mile radius of Crossgar, Co. Down, making it refreshingly hassle-free. Locations farther than 30 miles away will incur a modest additional charge of 45 pence per excess mile.

However, our unbeatable service doesn't stop there! In addition to hands-on decluttering and organising assistance, we'll also handle hauling away any unwanted household items. We'll take a full estate car's worth of discards to the recycling centre, plus any charitable donations you'd like us to deliver. And to ensure your confidential paperwork is properly disposed of, we'll even bring a micro-cut shredder and take away the shredded paper for you - a huge timesaver! When you tally up the costs of disposal fees, transportation, and your valuable time, Declutterbird's expert service emerges as an incredible value. Let us streamline your decluttering journey while you sit back and enjoy your newly refreshed, clutter-free spaces!


Will there be multiple people working with me during the decluttering service? I'm concerned about feeling overwhelmed.

No, you can rest assured that I, Catherine, will be the sole professional working with you during our 1-on-1 decluttering sessions. At Declutterbird®, I understand that the decluttering process is highly personal, which is why I provide an individualised service tailored specifically to your needs and comfort level. Having multiple organisers present could potentially lead to confusion or feelings of being overwhelmed. My approach focuses on creating a calm, personable atmosphere where we can progress through each area at a pace you find manageable. You can trust that I will be your dedicated guide every step of the way towards achieving the clutter-free living space you desire. 


Will you make me get rid of my belongings against my will during the decluttering process?

Absolutely not! One of our core principles is that you stay in complete control over your personal possessions at all times. We will never force you to discard any items that you wish to keep. Our role is to provide guidance and support to help you make positive decisions aligning with the clutter-free life you envision for yourself. However, the final say on whether to let go of belongings or not is entirely up to you. We're simply there to guide you through the process, offer strategies for editing your things, and ensure you feel empowered the whole way. Rest assured, the choices about your cherished belongings always remain in your hands.


During the in-person decluttering sessions, are you able to remove items from my home for me?
Absolutely! As part of our comprehensive service, we're happy to haul away any items you no longer need or want. If you have gently used goods you'd like to donate, we can take those directly to a local charity shop, saving you the trip. We can also responsibly dispose of household waste and discards at a recycling centre. This way, you don't have to worry about making multiple trips or figuring out how to properly discard of things yourself. Just decide what stays and what goes - we'll take care of removing the unwanted items from your home in an efficient, eco-friendly manner. It's one less hassle for you during the decluttering process.


Will cleaning services be included during the decluttering sessions?

While we are not a professional cleaning service, we are happy to take care of light cleaning as we declutter each area of your home. Our goal is to leave the spaces we've organised looking fresh and tidy. This may involve tasks like wiping down surfaces, vacuuming floors, or cleaning out cabinets and drawers as we edit their contents. However, we do not provide deep cleaning services. Our focus is on decluttering, organising your belongings, and resetting spaces - but we will ensure they are left clean and ready to maintain their newly organised state. Rest assured any lightly cleaning needed along the way is included as part of our decluttering process.


Do you have insurance coverage for your decluttering services?

Yes, we have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance through Westminster Insurance Brokers.


Have you undergone proper background screening to work in clients' homes?

Yes, I, Catherine have an Enhanced Access NI certificate that I'm happy to provide upon request. This comprehensive criminal record check allows me to work discreetly in your personal spaces with the utmost integrity and trustworthiness. Ensuring the safety and security of my clients is extremely important to me. By obtaining the Enhanced Access NI clearance, you can feel confident welcoming me into your home for decluttering services. This official screening provides verification that I have no criminal convictions and have been thoroughly vetted. Your peace of mind is my top priority.


Will you be taking photos throughout the decluttering process in my home?

That is completely your choice. If you do permit photos you will be required to complete a consent form.


Is my presence required when you come for the decluttering service, or can I leave you to work alone?

For the most effective and personalised experience, you do need to be present for at least a portion of our scheduled sessions. However, depending on the specific tasks and areas we'll be focusing on, we may be able to work on an area alone particularly during the organising phase (however you need to remain in your home throughout so we can consult with you at any given time). 


Should I expect you to arrive in a vehicle or clothing branded with your company's logo and name?

No, you can count on our service being completely discreet. We understand many clients prefer to keep decluttering efforts private, which is why we arrive in unmarked personal transportation and dress in plain clothes without any company branding. Your privacy and comfort are of utmost importance to us. You don't need to worry about flashy logos drawing any unwanted attention or letting others know the nature of my visit. We will maintain a low-profile, professional presence focused solely on supporting you through the decluttering process out of the public eye. Our goal is to provide an unobtrusive, judgement-free experience that puts you completely at ease.


What is the procedure if I need to cancel a scheduled decluttering session?

We understand that occasional scheduling conflicts may arise. If you need to cancel a session, please notify us as soon as possible. With enough advance notice, we are happy to work with you to reschedule for another mutually convenient time.

However, please be aware that cancellations made less than 48 hours before our scheduled session start time will result in forfeiture of 50% of the total session cost. This allows us to properly plan our availability and compensates for the short notice.

To avoid any losses, we simply ask that you provide a minimum of 48 hours' cancellation notice prior to our session. So long as we receive timely communication from you, there will be no penalties, and we can easily reschedule. Our goal is to be flexible while also respecting each other's time.




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