At Declutterbird®, we deeply understand that each person's journey towards decluttering is as unique as they are. We recognise that individuals face diverse challenges and hold varied beliefs about their belongings. Some may find it challenging to let go of sentimental items, while others struggle with overwhelming clutter. However, we firmly believe that within each person lies the strength to overcome these obstacles.


We empower individuals to harness their strengths and leverage them to conquer their decluttering challenges. Whether it's tapping into your decision-making skills, ability to let go of your items more easily if donating to a cause close to your heart, talking about your item before letting go or having a body double helps you stay on track, we help you discover how to use these strengths to your advantage.


By understanding your unique decluttering style, preferences, and needs, we can tailor our approach to ensure it aligns perfectly with who you are. Take our quiz to discover your Declutterbird® decluttering style today!


Let's embark on this transformative journey together, utilising your strengths to overcome challenges and create a clutter-free, harmonious living space that truly reflects your individuality.

Find out your decluttering style.
Meet The Birds!

Declutterbird Peacock Image

The Peacock loves to have everything perfect! This is great if everything goes to plan and satisfaction is present. However can be held back by their quest for perfectionism, and can be prone to procrastination. 

Declutterbird Puffin Image

The Puffin is the ultimate eco declutterer, the reuser, recycler, repurposer and no landfiller. However, may struggle to let go due to seeing purpose or reuse in everything.

Declutterbird Hummingbird Image

The Hummingbird is a fast declutterer when it has a deadline, but can tend to be a bit frantic in approach. Has the skill to remain on task when hyper focused for quite a long time, but can forget the bigger picture, and may struggle to get back on track if distracted.

Declutterbird Flamingo Image

The Flamingo is the sentimental story teller. Loves to talk about each item and have the story behind their belongings heard. Having a strong emotional attachment to items, it can struggle letting go. 

Declutterbird Kingfisher Image

The Kingfisher is a small stepper, being a very cautious and unsure declutterer. Finds it all daunting and gets overwhelmed easily, not sure what to do or how to start. However, can thrive when receiving guidance, support and working at their own pace.

Declutterbird Toucan Image

The Toucan is a planner - Plans well, makes quick well thought out decisions, gets unwanted items out of the house promptly, and thoroughly enjoys the process, executing it like a decluttering pro!


Can I be more than one Declutterbird®?

Indeed! Each individual's decluttering journey is as unique as they are. While our Declutterbirds offer insightful categorisations, it's essential to recognise that everyone's approach can vary based on factors like the room being organised, the items being sorted, or even one's current mood. 

The Declutterbird® archetypes serve as guides to prompt reflection on your personal decluttering style—highlighting your strengths and potential challenges. They can help you better understand how you approach decluttering tasks, empowering you to navigate them more effectively.

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