Signs It's Time To Declutter

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Decluttering is a lifelong journey. It can never be a one time event, because as long as items continue to be acquired and brought into our home, we need to declutter regularly.


In this blog we explore some of the signs to look out for that would signal towards you needing to declutter.

Clutter is impacting your mental health

Clutter can impact on our mental health in a negative way. From feelings of shame, worthlessness, embarrassment, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, depression and so much more, clutter can have such a negative affect on us. It can lead to unhealthy eating choices, and lack of self care. If clutter is affecting your mental health negatively, seek the professional support you need, and when ready and able to, start taking small consistent steps to declutter your home, with support if need be.



Clutter is affecting your relationships

Clutter within a home can create stress, tension and difficulty in many ways including it affecting our relationships. Clutter can be the source of arguments and disagreements, and can result in blame and discontent. This is a signal that the clutter is affecting the harmony in the home, and therefore is time to declutter and organise to regain peace, harmony and happy relationships. Don’t let clutter be the reason for a breakdown of a relationship.


Clutter is affecting your work life

Are you late for work because you can’t find your uniform or shoes? Is your home in disarray and mornings are chaotic, leaving you running late often without everything you need for the day ahead at work? This can not only affect your reputation at work, but can leave you in trouble with your boss. Perhaps you work from home and your surroundings are so cluttered and disorganised that you are unproductive and stressed. When your cluttered surroundings are affecting your job, it’s a definite sign to do something about it and make a plan to declutter and organise. 


Clutter is affecting your ability to perform everyday daily tasks with ease

Is your home cluttered that it is affecting your ability to perform everyday essential tasks with ease? If you can no longer prepare a meal with ease in your kitchen because of cluttered workbenches and cupboards bursting with foodstuffs that are out of date – now is the time to take action and declutter and organise it. If your settee is covered in ‘stuff’ and you can no longer sit on it, or you cannot eat at your cluttered kitchen table this is a sign that clutter is affecting your life in a negative way and it’s time to take that step to start decluttering and regaining your space so you can use it and enjoy it.


If you need help or support with decluttering, get in touch to see how Declutterbird can help you




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